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All our products OLEUM FLUMEN have their origin in lands worked an cared within the strictest quality controls. ARP, S.L. have a human team in charge of maintaining the lands, its products and the environment in good condition.

Our lands are worked, with the conscience that this is the first step to bear a fruit of the best quality. For this reason, we escape from aggressive and polluting treatments. We combine traditional systems with new methods and new technologies.

Our products are kept under control everyday. Direct management o fallow to follow systems and processes that guarantee the best quality of the products obtained on our fields.
Oleum flumen
logical cuisine LOGICAL CUISINE
A contribution to ‘haute cuisine’ by Jordi Cruz, the young and well known cook at l’Estany Clar Restaurant, and with all OLEUM FLUMEN extra-virgin products.

Introduction by Martín Berasategui and Joan Roca
Prologue by Marta Carnicero
Ed. Buffet&Ambigú
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